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Medellin Multilingual (in development plan: Bilingualism for internationalization).



Students in public schools (primary and high school, from the complementary cycle). Many of them benefit through the path of bilingualism in the after school activities program (Jornada Complementaria): English and French.
Teachers from public institutions of preschool, primary and high basic, not only English teachers but also from other areas.
Students from the three higher education institutions (ITM, Pascual Bravo and Colegio Mayor)



It is a flagship program from the mayor´s office   within its Development Plan: “Medellin a Home for Life "2012-2015. Through this program, it is expected not only to improve communication skills in a foreign language of the citizens necessary to deepen the internationalization of the city but also to create programs that benefit teachers and students in public institutions of the city .

We want to generate greater awareness, openness, understanding, interaction and skills with citizens in the process of interacting with the world. Communicating in a foreign language is a comparative advantage, an attribute of competence and competitiveness for the people, and for the city.

General purpose

To have citizens able to communicate in a foreign language so that they can insert Medellin in the universal communication processes in the global economy and cultural openness, important aspects for the city’s internationalization and improving competitiveness.

Specific purposes

To improve communication skills in English as a foreign language with public school students of Medellín, and that on “Saber´´ tests their language proficiency levels approach, in a persistent route, to a B1 level according to the Common European Framework.

To improve English teachers ´professional performance, not only pedagogical, but also their levels of language proficiency.

To train human talent required to increase institutional and business skills that the city needs in the acquisition of a foreign language, especially English, which is a fundamental tool of internationalization and competitiveness and thus achieve a competitive region and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Geographic coverage:

The presence has been in all the communes of Medellín.


Medellin, capital of Antioquia and the second most important and populated city in the country, is the most innovative city in the world.  It is also the best destination in South America to do business according to “The Business Destinations Travel Awards contest”, organized by Business Destinations.

It is the most competitive city in Colombia, economically, and every year it is the center of important national and international events that demonstrate the process of internationalization of the capital of Antioquia.

Through its two and a half million people´s recognized thrust, and the commitment and support of the municipal and national governments, business networks have been formed to identify opportunities to become more competitive and meet the requirements in a globalized world. As part of that process Medellin has six strategic clusters: Electrical Power, Textile / Clothing, Design and Fashion, Construction, Business Tourism Fairs and Conventions, Medical and Dental services, and Technology, Information and Communication.

The above are just some of the reasons that justify that Medellin and its people need not only to make active part of a globalized world but also to project the city to the world and English, and other languages, are excellent means.

Contact information

María Clara Ramírez
Directora de Proyectos – Secretaría de Educación
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Salomón Cruz Zirene
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